For self-publishers, Amazon’s Kindle marketplace is a great place to get started.

By Jules Romero | May 19, 2020

Typically, publishing a book is an expensive and time-consuming process. Unlike publishing traditionally, pushing your book via Amazon’s Kindle marketplace is a breeze. In just a few steps and at minimal cost, you’ll have your readers purchasing your book in no time. We’ve listed down five reasons why you should consider publishing your next masterpiece on Kindle.

Reason 1: Kindle Books Create Connections

Kindle books are not only products that can generate passive income for you, they are also marketing tools. Many authors publish Kindle books not with the primary goal of earning money. They typically sell short guides on Kindle for low prices. They use these guides to lure in the right audience to, for example, find out more about a certain topic by visiting a website. Once the readers are at the website, authors can sell them their main products.

Reason 2: Kindle Books Are Short and Sweet

Typically, the topics covered by traditional books cover hundreds of pages. With the common topics typically covered by ebooks, you can churn out a quick book in a couple of days. Some ebooks can be as short as 50 pages, while still being substantial and interesting. This means that you can produce more books in a shorter period of time. The more books you put out there, the greater your chances are of writing a best-seller.

Reason 3: Kindle Books Can Be Published Quickly

Traditional publishers are slow to publish books and that’s a fact. If you publish your book the old-fashioned way, it can take months and months before your publisher even begins to review the book. Plus, there’s a chance your book won’t even be accepted. With Kindle, your book can be published in just a matter of hours. The best part is all the steps can be performed from the comfort of your home.

Reason 4: Kindle Books Cost Little to Produce

Kindle books typically cost little to produce. If you have a laptop or any device you can create documents on and an internet connection, you can technically publish a book on Kindle. If you’d like to take it to the next level, you can hire editors, graphic designers for your book cover, and other team members. However, this the overall costs are much lower compared to traditional publishing costs.

Reason 5: Kindle Books Work on All Devices

Through Kindle, you can reach a huge audience. Kindle works on basically any device: phones, laptops, iPads, and of course the Kindle line of products. Since more and more people are drifting away from traditional books to ebooks, there’s no better time than now to establish yourself in the ebook space.

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