The Advise Author Mission


It’s hard trying to make it as an author in the world of fiction and non-fiction these days. Some don’t know where to begin. Others are confused at how they can go about growing their fanbase. You see, a long time ago the publishing industry changed, books began to do something people refer to as “going out of print.” Publishers were reluctant to print new copies of their titles and as a result, readers had to rummage through garage sales in hopes of finding a used copy of a book they desperately wanted to read. It literally was like trying to find a tiny needle sized bookmark in a haystack! 

But the whole scene changed when the ebook came along. Books published in this fashion had a major advantage over their paper based friends in the sense that they had a lease on life far greater, in fact, they could live forever. It wasn’t just new books that had a new shot at immortality, all the old titles could be purchased as well. But a new problem came out of all this hoopla, an almost infinite pile of books was now available to readers. It was information overload as they tried to dig through the bin to find one they liked. 

Advise Author has made its mission to cut through some of this confusion and bring clarity to an otherwise chaotic universe. The mission focuses around helping both readers and authors to grow and gain the support they need to really thrive. AdviseAuthor stays true to its name in advising authors on a various range of topics including writing, publishing and promoting their titles. 

We also support them in getting their work out to the world through our various promotional services and publishing department. Beyond that readers are just as important as we offer outstanding promotional deals on new releases and personally catered suggestions of high quality titles that they are sure to love! Let us help make things easier! 

That is the Advise Author mission.

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