Keep in mind, writing e-books is a whole new ball game

By Jules Romero | May 19, 2020

In relative terms, ebooks are a new medium. They differ in many ways from traditionally published books of the past few decades. Whether you are an experienced traditional author or a new self-published author, there are a few key points to remember when writing for Kindle. We’ve rounded up the top mistakes new Kindle authors make, so you can avoid them.

Check them out below.

Mistake 1: Adding Tables

When presenting data in tabular form, things work out pretty well on traditional books. All copies of the book look the same. On the other hand, Kindle books are a little bit different. Kindle books can be viewed on various platforms such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and of course, the Kindle.

Given the wide range of screen sizes used to view ebooks, the ebook reader will most likely adjust the formatting to fit the screen appropriately. This tends to mess up the format of tables. In much smaller devices such as phones, tables are almost impossible to view. If possible, avoid using tables.

Mistake 2: Not Hiring an Editor

No matter how good of a writer you are, you may not be that good as a proofreader/editor, especially when it comes to your own work. Ask someone to edit your book. No, your Uncle Bob who taught English for the local high school doesn’t count. Asking family and friends to edit books leaves room for bias. Rather, hire a professional editor.

Professional editors are usually good at editing since, well, it’s their job. Shelling out a couple hundred books for an editor is worth it, especially if you’re serious about the quality of your work.

Mistake 3: Not Taking Time to Promote

Most people think that once they’ve written and published the book, they can sit back, relax, and watch the money come in. This can happen, once people actually know about your book. The first few weeks of promotion are crucial. Here are a few things you should be doing:

  • Responding to book questions
  • Running marketing campaigns
  • Organizing book launch events
  • Sharing relevant information on social media

Don’t wait for people to simply stumble upon your book. Be proactive and guide them to making a purchase.

Mistake 4: Don’t Write the Book You Feel Like Writing

You may have an interesting idea for a great book. Heck, the book you wrote might actually be amazing! That doesn’t matter much unless people can find your book. Amazon works like any other search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, etc. People type-in keywords and relevant listings show up. If your book is too niche, people may never find it. If your market is too saturated, people may never find it. You need to do Kindle keyword research to find out what books people are buying.

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