It’s not easy to find ways to promote your Amazon KDP ebook title for free but making your book free is by far one of the best!

By Advise Author | June 06, 2020

Different Ways to Make Your Book Free on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)

There are a few ways to get your book out to the masses free of charge on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). In this article Advise Author is going to show you the options when it comes to free book promotions with Amazon.

Firstly, the two options we will discuss regarding how to change your book’s price to free on Amazon KDP vary depending on if you are enrolled in KDP Select or not.

The two options can be separated like this:

  1.  Enrolled in KDP Select
  2.  Not enrolled in KDP Select

Note that the second option can be a lot more interesting because there’s actually a way you offer your book free beyond the maximum of 5 days per 90 days as is the case if you are enrolled in KDP select.

Option 1: Enrolled in Amazon KDP Select

Let’s assume your book is enrolled in KDP Select. If that is indeed the case, Amazon lets authors run a Free Book Promotion for a limited amount of days every quarter. The choice can be made to offer any book enrolled in KDP Select free to readers for up to 5 days out of each 90-day KDP Select enrollment period. If you prefer, you can decide to use all 5 days at once or as an alternative, it’s completely fine if you would rather spread the five days out over 90 days as you see fit. To begin your free book promotion, just follow these easy steps:

amazon free promotion chart

To set up a free book promotion, follow these steps:

1. In your Bookshelf, simply move your mouse over and click on the ellipsis button (“…”) right below the Book Actions menu next whatever book you have enrolled in KDP Select.

2. Select “KDP Select Info”.

setting kdp select on amazon

3. Under “Run a Price Promotion”, select the “Free Book Promotion” link. (“Kindle Countdown Deal” will be selected by default.)

4. Click “Create a new Free Book Promotion”.

selecting a free book promotion

5. Enter the desired start and end date and click “Save.” Also, make sure to avoid ending on the final day of your KDP Select term.

setting the date for amazon kdp promotion

Now there is another interesting option that should be considered. Some authors opt for running a $0.99-$2.99 promotion, when their book is enrolled in KDP Select. It is possible to run something called a Kindle Countdown Deal, which can offer some benefits over simply changing the list price for your book. Using the same steps as above, you can select “Kindle Countdown Deal” from the drop down, and choose your dates.

There are several benefits in regard to launching a countdown deal, which include:

  1. Maintaining your 70% royalty rate on the new discounted price assuming your book is normally priced at 2.99 or above.

Option 1: Taking Advantage of a Permanently Free Promotion Offer When Your Book is Not Enrolled in Amazon KDP Select

Lets assume that your book is not enrolled in KDP Select. There are several reasons to go this route but the biggest reason would probably be that you’d like to promote it for free. This is possible if you can set it up on some other platforms and then get Amazon to price match your book. Now, there are a few steps you need to take to achieve an Amazon price match your title but we are quite sure that this is worth the effort for the amazing free promotion that you’ll consistently be getting for your work.

Part 1:  Pricing Your Book on Amazon

To do this, log in to your KDP account and follow these steps:

1. Click the ellipsis button (“…”) directly below the Book Actions menu next to the book you’re updating.

2. Select “Edit eBook pricing”.

changing amazon kdp pricing

3. Set the list price to $0.99 (This is the lowest price that Amazon will allow you to input).

setting the price for amazon kdp book

4. Give the site a minute to load and it will adjust your new price to reveal your royalty rate. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Publish Your Kindle eBook”.

Part 2:  Setting Your Book Up for Free on Other Retailers Bookstores

Sign in to the many author accounts you’ll need to have set up with Nook, Apple, Google, and Kobo and set the price of the same title to $0.00.

Part 3: Requesting Price Matching from KDP Support

Log a price match request with KDP support by submitting a question at their support portal.

price matching amazon kdp book

Now one thing that we’d like to make absolutely clear is that Amazon isn’t required to change the price of your book and it’s completely up to their discretion if they do it or not. Of course it is probably in their best interest as a competitive retailer to price match to the lower price, they may do it slowly, or not at all.

It is important to start this process long before any paid promotions that you intend to book (like a Freebooksy promotion).

We hope this article has helped to clarify ways that you can get extra attention to your title’s without breaking the bank. Thanks for reading!



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