In the age of e-books, Amazon is the biggest publisher.

By Jules Romero | May 18, 2020

Whether you are a professional writer or a writing enthusiast, you’ve probably at least thought about writing a book. In this day and age, it’s easier than ever to get your book out into the world. How? Through Amazon.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t already need to be an established writer to publish a Kindle e-book via amazon. It’s perfectly possible to release your first written work via Amazon. Amazon isn’t like the traditional publishing house that turns down aspiring authors left and right. Ever heard of Rich Dad Poor Dad by Guy Kawasaki? Yeah, his books are available exclusively through Amazon. We’ve rounded up the steps anyone can take to get started. Check them out below.

Step 1: Write

Before even thinking of publishing, you need to write something people want to read. Typically, the writing process involves three iterative drafts:

  • The “vomit draft.” This is the brainstorming phase. Whatever comes to mind, you must write it down. Don’t worry about style, grammar, etc. Just get your ideas on paper.
  • The review draft. This is where the bulk of the work is done. At this point, you begin to take all the “vomit” from earlier and transform them into coherent ideas and sentences. It also wouldn’t hurt to let a few trusted friends review this draft.
  • The editorial draft. This is the draft exclusively focused on rectifying grammatical errors and form errors.

Step 2: Format & Design

Keep in mind the medium through which your readers will consume your book. They aren’t getting a hardback copy. They aren’t getting it in paperback either. They’re getting an e-book. With that said, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Format for Kindle. Amazon recently released their own Kindle formatting tool, Kindle Create.
  • Design your cover. If you’re not a graphic designer, I recommend hiring someone to design your cover according to Amazon’s standards. You can find many good artists on platforms such as Fiverr.

Step 3: Publish

Most people easily complete their book and design. However, they tend to not push through with publishing because they think it is the most difficult step. It actually isn’t difficult. In fact, Amazon makes it easy. All you need to do is upload your files and fill out a few forms. Get started at

Step 4: Promote

This is perhaps the most important step. It sets apart the flops from the best-sellers. The best way to promote your books is through your connections. Ask your friends and family to get a copy of your book and leave reviews. Good reviews are, after all, what make or break a sale.

Step 5: Launch

Once you’ve gathered a few good reviews, it’s time to officially begin your book launch campaign. There are many ways to do this. You can set up a website and offer freebies and goodies for the first few readers of your book. You can even coordinate with your local bookstore to arrange a book launching event. Now that you’re officially an author, go out there and promote your book! The sky’s the limit.





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